Rice and bread

Chawal (Rice Dishes)

Rice £3.75

Plain boiled Basmati rice.

Pilao Rice £3.95

Saffron Basmati rice.

Egg Fried Rice £4.75

Fried with Eggs and Peas.

Vegetable Pilao Rice £4.75

Saffron Basmati rice with Vegetables.

Mushroom Pilao Rice £4.75

Saffron Basmati rice with Mushrooms.

Lemon Rice £4.75

Saffron Basmati rice with Lemon and Cashewnuts.

Keema Rice £4.95

Saffron Basmati rice with mincemeat.


Raitha £2.95

Yoghurt with cucumber, tomato and fresh coriander.

Roti (Breads)

Nan £3.50

Leavened bread baked in our clay oven.

Keema Nan £4.25

Bread stuffed with spiced minced meat

Peshwari Nan £3.95

Interleaved with nuts, sultanas and almonds.

Garlic Nan £3.95

Bread stuffed with garlic.

Cheese Nan £3.95

Bread stuffed with cheese.

Chilli Nan £3.95

Bread stuffed with fresh green chillies and coriander.

Paratha £3.95

Fried layered whole-wheat bread.

Stuffed Paratha £4.25

Fried layered whole-wheat bread with mashed vegetables and spices.

Chapati £1.95

Thin unleavened whole-wheat bread.

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