Valentine’s Day at Ignite ~ a menu for lovers

Ignite is launching a new aphrodisiac-packed Lover’s Tasting Menu to help couples spice things up for Valentine’s Day! Our chef, Asad Miah, has developed a unique menu to help mark the occasion and, with lovers in mind, has promised libido-boosting heat and spice in...

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Is Indian cuisine healthy? 5 things you should know

Food fads come and go yet it's the Mediterranean diet with its tomato-rich (and bursting with cancer-fighting lycopene), carbohydrate-based and oil-drizzled dishes that’s usually perceived to be the healthiest.Thai food also gets a good rep for its aromatic feel-good...

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How to match wine with curry – a beginner’s guide

It might not be a combination which automatically springs to mind, but any true wine lover will tell you that your favourite grape and curry of choice can be a match made in heaven. But many people don't know where to start when it comes to food and wine pairing -...

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